on (one's) deathbed
                          on (one's) feet
                          on (one's) guard
                          on (one's) head
                          on (one's) last legs
                          on (one's) mettle
                          on (one's) own
                          on (one's) own account
                          on (one's) own ground
                          on (one's) own hook
                          on (one's) own initiative
                          on (one's) soapbox
                          on (one's) toes
                          on (one's) uppers
                          on (one's)/the way
                          on (someone's) back
                          on (someone's) case
                          on a bowline
                          on a dime
                          on a platter
                          on a roll
                          on a/the string
                          on account
                          on account of
                          on an even keel
                          on and off
                          on and on
                          on approval
                          on automatic
                          on background
                          on balance
                          on behalf of
                          on bended knee
                          on board
                          on call
                          on camera
                          on commission
                          on consignment
                          on deck
                          on deep background
                          on demand
                          on draft
                          on duty
                          on earth
                          on edge
                          on end
                          on file
                          on fire
                          on hand
                          on high
                          on hold
                          on ice
                          on its/someone's ear
                          on no account
                          on occasion
                          on order
                          on paper
                          on pins and needles
                          on principle
                          on purpose
                          on record
                          on relief
                          on report
                          on sight
                          on speaking terms
                          on spec
                          on standby
                          on stream
                          on strike
                          on tap
                          on target
                          on tenterhooks
                          on the alert
                          on the back burner
                          on the ball
                          on the barrel/barrelhead
                          on the beam
                          on the blink
                          on the brain
                          on the bum
                          on the button
                          on the carpet
                          on the cheap
                          on the coattails of
                          on the contrary
                          on the cuff
                          on the defensive
                          on the dole
                          on the edge
                          on the face of it
                          on the fence
                          on the fly
                          on the front burner
                          on the go
                          on the ground
                          on the hoof
                          on the horns of a dilemma
                          on the house
                          on the increase
                          on the inside
                          on the job
                          on the level
                          on the line
                          on the loose
                          on the make
                          on the march
                          on the market
                          on the mend
                          on the money
                          on the move
                          on the nose
                          on the off chance
                          on the one hand
                          on the order of
                          on the other hand
                          on the outs
                          on the pad
                          on the part of
                          on the prowl
                          on the qui vive
                          on the rack
                          on the rag
                          on the right foot
                          on the road
                          on the rocks
                          on the ropes
                          on the run
                          on the same wavelength
                          on the shelf
                          on the side
                          on the sly
                          on the spot
                          on the square
                          on the strength of
                          on the surface
                          on the table
                          on the take
                          on the tapis
                          on the tip of (one's) tongue
                          on the town
                          on the up-and-up/up and up
                          on the upgrade
                          on the wagon
                          on the wane
                          on the way
                          on the whole
                          on the wing
                          on the wrong foot
                          on thin ice
                          on time
                          on tiptoe
                          on top
                          on top of
                          on top of the world
                          on trial
                          on view
                          on vinyl
                          on waivers
                          on wax
                          on welfare
                          on/at the dot
                          on/at the double
                          on/in the street
                          on/into/down the wind
                          on/under pain of
                          on/upon (one's) hands
                          on/upon request
                          on/upon the heels of
                    (out) on a limb
                   a blot on (one's) escutcheon
              a new lease on life
                    be in on the act
                       be on to
                   be/get on (one's) high horse
       breed a scab/scabs on (one's) nose
                    build on sand
                     cash on the barrelhead
                     chip on (one's) shoulder
                   crowd (on) sail
                      cry on (someone's) shoulder
                      die on the vine
                     down on (one's) luck
                      egg on (one's) face
                     fall on deaf ears
                     free on board
                      get on (someone's) nerves
                      get on the stick
             get the show on the road
                       go on record
                       go on the block
                     hang on to
        have (one's) feet on the ground
                     high on/off the hog
             hit the nail on the head
                 hold out on (someone)
                    icing on the cake
                    in at/on the kill
                    latch on to/onto
                   lay it on thick
             like a house on fire/afire
                  man/men on horseback
                      not on your life
                      pat on the back
                      put on the block
                      put on the dog
                      put on the map
                      put on the ritz
    put/lay (one's) cards on the table
                     rest on (one's) laurels
                      set on fire
               shot/shots on goal
                      sit on (one's) hands
                     slap on the wrist
                    stand on (one's) own/two feet
                     step on it
               step/tread on (someone's) toes
                  take it on the chin
              the shoe is on the other foot
                     time on (one's) hands
                     walk on air
                    water on the brain
       wear (one's) heart on (one's) sleeve
      writing/handwriting on the wall
           a leg to stand on
             and so forth/on
                     bank on
                  be lost on
                 be stuck on
                bear down on
                  beat up on
                      big on
                    bring on
                    build on/upon
                     call on
                    carry on
                     cast on
                    catch on
                   chance on/upon
clap/lay/set (one's) eyes on
      close/shut the door on
                come down on
                     come on
                    count on
        cut (one's) teeth on
                    death on
              do a number on
                     down on
                     draw on
          draw/get a bead on
                    dream on
                    early on
                    enter on/upon
                fall back on/upon
                     fall on/upon
       feast (one's) eyes on
                   figure on
               get a move on
             get a wiggle on
                   get it on
                      get on
        get/have a handle on
        get/have the drop on
    get/lay (one's) hands on
                  go back on
                 go light on
                       go on
                    going on
                     grow on/upon
                     hand on
                     hang on
                     harp on
         have (one's) eye on
              have a load on
                     have on
           have/take pity on
                     hell on
                      hit on
                     hold on
                       in on
       keep (one's) shirt on
              keep an eye on
                keep tabs on
     lay (one's)/a finger on
         lay a guilt trip on
                      lay on
                     lead on
         let (someone) in on
                  let off on
                      let on
                   let up on
look down (one's) nose at/on
                look down on/upon
                  look in on
                     look on/upon
                 lose out on
                 miss out on
                  move in on
                  off and on
                   on and on
                     pick on
                  pick up on
                      pin on
                    pitch on/upon
                     play on/upon
                  pour it on
            pull the plug on
                     push on
       put (one's) finger on
                put money on
                      put on
       put something over on
 put the arm/bite/squeeze on
           put the finger on
       put the make/moves on
        put the screws to/on
            put the skids on
                ride herd on
                    right on
                    round on
                   rub up on
                      run on
                  run out on
        set (one's) heart on
       set (one's) sights on
                 set foot on
                     shit on
                     sign on
                      sit on/upon
                    sleep on
            slip one over on
                    stand on
            steal a march on
                    sweet on
              take it out on
                     take on
         throw cold water on
                  tie one on
                    touch on/upon
                    trade on
                      try on
        turn (one's) back on
                     turn on
                     wait on/upon
                 walk out on